Friday, May 5, 2023

Wellington Street Part 11: The Portage Bridge

Part 11: Portage Bridge

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The Jane's Walks Ottawa walking tour festival takes place this weekend, with a launch event picnic dinner under the Booth Street bridge at Pimisi Station today from 6-8pm. This year's festival theme is Building Bridges, which fits in very well with the next section of my blog series on the many traces of Wellington Street: The Portage Bridge.

In the previous post, Part 10, we took a step back into the NCC's rearrangement of land and roads in LeBreton Flats in the 1960s. This resulted in the splitting of Wellington Street ending just west of Bay Street as it turns into the Ottawa River Parkway, and connecting to itself via offramps, as we can see here in this photo:1

Aerial view from above looking west in 1967. Centretown/Uppertown in the foreground including Place De Ville and Library and Archives Canada; LeBreton Flats in the midground; Ottawa River, Lemieux Island and Mechanicsville in the distance. Chaudière Island industry at work. West of Bay, Wellington Street becomes the Ottawa River Parkway with an offramp connection to Wellington Street through LeBreton Flats.

That arrangement would be relatively short-lived.