Monday, August 15, 2011

Studio Argyle sidewalk repair

As I was walking around 255 Argyle earlier this summer to get a different view of the demolition of the Medical Building at 340 McLeod, I stumbled on this bad patch of sidewalk:

255 Argyle, by the way, is called "Studio Argyle". It's just east of Bank Street. The website (which refers to Centretown as "Center Town") says it was built in 2000 by Domicile and has 40 units.

I e-mailed 311 about the sidewalks (though looking at the first photo, the white arrows suggest it was already on the replacement list). Someone from the City called me to tell me it was on the list, and they just needed to coordinate with the condo so they can repair the sidewalk without disrupting the only parking entrance.

It was repaired by the end of July:

I'm glad they did. I'm pretty sure-footed, and even I tripped on that sidewalk!

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