Monday, August 22, 2011

A Percy Street pleasure for pedestrians

If you walk up or down Percy Street, you probably recognize this house at the corner of MacLaren. It has addresses at 607 MacLaren and 141A Percy. It's notable by the turret coming out of the corner of the second floor, which is one of those features that makes Centretown so interesting to walk and bike around in.

It was renovated in the last year or so. Between the photo above, from April 2010, and the one below, from July 2011, you can see that the turret has been renovated.

Even more interesting, in this photo from May 2009, there's a grey spot at the corner of the house. I have no way to tell for sure, but it looks about the right size for a "PERCY" street sign:

Google Street View, whose vehicles would have gone by just a couple months before the above photo, in March or April 2009, doesn't garner any more clues:

But that's still not the neat thing that prompted me to blog about this building: It's the sidewalk. When they redid the landscaping, they re-graded the lawn and added two rows of paving stones along the entire sidewalk--all the way around the corner.

As I noticed while passing another pedestrian in the opposite direction, this effectively widens the sidewalk about a foot. A nice treat for pedestrians!

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  1. You're right. There was a 'PERCY' street sign on the side of this house. It disappeared when the house was reno'd.