Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall Down Bike Jam

Here is 286-288 Bank Street, containing The Source (i.e. Radio Shack), Fall Down Gallery, and Tae E Lee Taekwondo. When I took the picture, there were an awful lot of people tyring to walk their bicycle along the sidewalk looking to park or unpark it. The two Bank Street decorative bike racks are not nearly enough to handle the capacity, it would seem.

For a few years, this space was occupied by the gallery of artist Daniel Richards. This closed in February:

Previously, it was an internet cafe that was shut down in 2007 by the police after it was revealed to be habitually used for illegal activities.

The building sits at one of the most active intersections in Centretown, just a few metres away from Bank and Somerset. The intersection has had a lot thrown at it in the last few years, including two seasons of road reconstruction (since the sections were divided at Somerset), two fires in the building across the street in 2008, and the collapse at Somerset House kitty-corner to it, which remains unresolved.

The bicycle congestion at 288 Bank, and at the much higher-capacity bike racks in front of Hartman's, is a good sign. It suggests businesses have a lot of customers who like to shop locally within Centretown.


  1. Nice timeline on this crucial corner. Look for Fall Down Gallery in October issue, and a feature on that unresolved building collapse (SE corner) in September

  2. So many businesses on Bank that should have embraced bike lanes instead of fighting against them. Seeing all the bike traffic and full racks on Bank should tell them where their business comes from. Did the BIA really think their custom comes from the suburbs. I really hope something happens to the old Lockmaster and happens soon.