Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Metropolitan Centretown

Looking south at Bank and Gladstone on a rainy dusk in early September. (Sigh, at a quarter to 8pm!)

I'm not particularly fond of the development here, nor the way the former Metropolitan Tabernacle's façade has be entirely de-animated as it has succumbed to death-by-Shoppers. But because the building is so close to the street, the developer was forced to bury the power lines. That on its own is a plus, but in addition it has meant full-fledged streetlights instead of the light heads tacked on to wooden hydro poles.

I suppose that arguably there is a pedestrian component to that to warrant adding "Peds on Weds" to the title of this post, but really I just wanted to post this picture because I like the colours.

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  1. yes, not the best corner of ottawa. i am interested in the project on elgin street building around the old friday's (?) restaurant. wow.

    1. A long story, which would require more time than I have to research and present in full. Search the address "150 Elgin", and also search the City's website for that address plus "Tourism Ottawa" for the recent report that gives some glimpses into the site's history.

      Also see this post: