Thursday, November 7, 2013

3D Thursday: A tower comes down gently

When my hard drive crashed at the end of July, it took with it all the photos I had taken between May 30th to July 24th.

At Alex's suggestion, I had taken the drive to PC Perfect in the Glebe at the end of July. After a couple of weeks of no results, I gave up on it and moved on, but at the end of October I got a call saying that they'd been able to recover over 90% of the data! I've finally gotten it back and was able to reconstruct about 99% of the photos I'd lost.

While most of my photos were of long-term construction projects, I was particularly devastated by the loss of my photos from events like Bluesfest, Capital Vélo Fest and Doors Open Ottawa. But there was one group of construction photos that I couldn't reproduce, when Charlesfort was done with their tower crane on Lisgar:

Source photos for the 3D image: Left, Right

Most of the condo projects I've seen lately have taken their tower crane down all in one go on a Saturday, but this one, a climbing crane, un-climbed itself a couple days before the weekend. The result was a tower crane only about 7 floors up amid buildings two to three times its height.

Source photos for the 3D image: Left, Right

Considering we're used to seeing tower cranes high above their subjects, this was definitely a cool sight to be seen and captured!

(Another thing I had lost was the SVG graphic I started using as a watermark on my 3D photos. As you can see, I've got that back now too!)

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