Friday, December 10, 2010

West Side from above

I've run out of time this weekend to prepare posts for this week (busy preparing for Tuesday's CCCA meeting), so instead of posting many photos of the same building, I'll post one photo of many buildings. Forgive me if most of them aren't in Centretown.

Taken from the top floor of Queen Elizabeth Towers, 500-530 Laurier in March at rush hour (click to see full size):

There's the Stonecliffe apartments and the Ottawa Builders' Exchange (now Ottawa Construction Association) headquarters on Bronson Avenue, St. Vincent hospital (Bruyère centre), the Dominican college, the Oak Street government warehouse, City Centre building (after the letters were removed but before it was repainted) and the Somerset Street bridge, Albert Street to Scott Street, Bayview transit station...

More distant items are visible, too. The Queensway on the left, Minto's Metropole condo tower (the tallest building in Ottawa), Holland Cross, and more condos on Richmond Road that I recognize but can't name. The Rideau River is also visible, but far out around Britannia Bay.

Which other buildings and landmarks can you recognize?

[Look for more one-photo posts under the label Singles]

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