Monday, December 20, 2010

Nagle House, 77 Gloucester

This is Nagle House, at 77 Gloucester street, just West of Metcalfe. It is one block to the north of 89-91 Nepean, a pair of lots on which Claridge wants to build a 27-storey tower.

The heritage plaque on the house writes, "Thought to be the oldest house in Centretown, this house was built for Richard Nagle, a successful dealer in timber limits."

The Bytown Museum's Capital Neighbourhoods website lists little more about the house than is on the plaque.

A Google search for Richard Nagle brings up only a few more details. A web page listing Ancestors of Ryan Todd Morgan writes, "66. Richard NAGLE was born 1810 in Ireland and was baptized in Ireland. He died 1877 in Ottawa, Canada. Richard married Margaret MCCARTHY." The site says they had a child, Ann in Clare County, Ireland in 1832, who died in Kansas in 1920.

Another source he married Mary O-Brien in 1854, presumably after Margaret died in 1850.

As for 89-91 Nepean Street, it's pretty frightening what Claridge is asking for on that site. I'll spare the details here, but suffice it to say they're asking for a lot and offering nothing in return. For full details, check out the CCCA's letter to the City regarding this site. The letter includes a plethora of reasons why this application shouldn't be permitted, and Councillor Holmes' comments of a similar nature. This one will go to Planning Committee in the new year, but City staff are compiling their report on the application.

As the Ottawa Citizen writes in a recent editorial, intensification is good, but it needs to be done with a human face.

The CCCA's next regular board meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at 7pm at City Hall (Honeywell Room). All are welcome. There is a vacancy on the Board that will hopefully be filled at the meeting. Check the CCCA's home page for the agenda.

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  1. Until the city starts saying "no" and meaning it, these types of proposals will go forwards.

    - decrease the interior side yard setback beyond 21 metres from the street from a minimum 7.5m to 1.635 m (east side) and 1.890 m (west side);
    - decrease the rear yard from 7.5 metres to 7.097 m;
    - decrease the minimum amenity area from 6m2/unit to 5.8 m2/unit;

    - increase FSI from 3.0 to 27 floors
    - decrease the front yard setback from 3 metres to 0 metres;
    - decrease the minimum required visitor parking spaces from 44 to 0;
    - decrease the minimum parking for retail uses from 4 to 0;
    - decrease the required communal amenity area from 50% to 20%