Sunday, October 26, 2008

Organic (vegan optional) Pizza comes to Centretown!

At the family Thanksgiving dinner, one of my quasi-relatives exhorted the availability of vegan pizza at the pizza place on Kent and Florence, across from the new Chinese community centre.

I recognized the place that she was referring to, but I didn't realize that it had changed from the former tenant, Paesano's Pizza. It wasn't until a walk about Centretown last night that I realized it was a new place--"The Place".

Here's a shot from across the street. Unfortunately the sign is overexposed so you can't see it:

Here's a daytime shot from today. The sign reads, "The Place / Organic Pizza / Now Open":

I went inside to pick up a menu and found a familiar face. I chatted with the owner, an ardent supporter of small business. The Place has been open for a month and three days, and they don't have delivery yet.

They also have pizza by the slice at luch hour, though my office is a bit far from there to try it out.

For reference, here's a shot from early September of the former Paesano's pizza:

I have a regular Sunday dinner, so I didn't have a chance to try The Place's pizza, but I will do so to support organic options, and to support small business in Centretown!

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