Friday, October 3, 2008

Centretown Free Market @ Minto Park this Sunday

I picked up a small flyer for the Centretown Free Market, happening this Sunday, October 5, 2008, 11am-4pm at Minto Park, and I see a poster for it in the Bridgehead where I am writing this post. Both have really nice designs, but unfortunately the website ( doesn't have either.

Minto Park, for those of you who don't know, is the park across the street from the Elgin Street Public School, bordered by Elgin, Gilmour, Cartier, and Lewis. It has a number of monuments, including the monument to women abused and murdered by men (photo available at the Wikipedia article on Minto Park) Here's a nice shot of the park from Elgin Street. It's from last week, just as the leaves started to change colour:

I lived a half a block away from Minto Park for a year, and one of my roommates thought the park's name was bought by Minto Group, the development company that built the gigantic tower near Westboro bus station. But I believe it was actually named after Governor General Minto.

One could be forgiven for not knowing the park's name, because the park didn't have a sign until this one was installed this past May:

I enjoy going to the park in the summer to eat my lunch and get away from my over-air-conditioned office. Only a couple of spots on the park benches and picnic tables are in the sun.

As for the story about the sign, that's one for another day, but I'll give a preview: it involves Dundonald Park and this old signpost in Minto Park:

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  1. Very nice. I didn't know this park had a name either.