Friday, October 31, 2008

Halowe'en in Centretown

I've got a bunch of Hallowe'en-related photos that I'd like to share. At Lansdowne park a while ago, there was a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man ghost, which made me laugh:

Centretown is great for Hallowe'en, with all its old buildings. We've got dark character-filled alleyways:

We've got old Victorian houses with full moons hiding behind them:

We've got a haunted, 150-year-old high school:

And a spooky, castle-like museum (repost):

Heck, they even installed lights recently under Pretoria Bridge for those who are afraid of the dark!

One household on Florence has done a great job decorating their yard for Hallowe'en. Here's a day shot, so you can see what's going on (as always, click a photo to view full size). The inflated ghost has a clear stomach with little bats flying around a black cat. Very cute!

Here's the same display at night:

And as if City Hall didn't scare you already, the windows on the Elgin Street side of City Hall's Heritage Building were all populated with jack-o-lanterns, seen through the gates surrounding the Human Rights memorial which is being renovated:

I'll be out around Centretown and haunting the Glebe tonight.

Have a Happy and fun Hallowe'en!

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