Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is something you *must* try!

I'm usually too busy in the mornings to have breakfast, so I hit up Boko Bakery (on Elgin between Somerset and MacLaren) on my way to work. I'll usually grab a turnover or danish for breakfast, and maybe a butter roll for lunch.

Boko is a good neighbour and they provide goods for plenty of community events, as their wall of thank-you letters proudly indicate. When I organized blood donor clinics while attending Lisgar, Boko was kind enough to provide some goodies.

I am also a fan of their garlic baguettes, which I would eat it in one sitting while still fresh and warm. I haven't done that recently, though, and I'm sure my body thanks me for that.

Around eastertime, they make little buns shaped like bunnies, and even make a ring of eight bunnies to serve as a centrepiece for the dinner table.

Recently, they've featured a new product: "Ultimate Chocolate Brownies". The first couple of times I saw them, I could smell their chocolatey goodness from the counter, but I had a chocolate cake at home that I was bringing piece-by-piece into work.

Once I no longer had chocolate cake to bring in to work, I got one of the brownies.

Photo of Boko Bakery's Ultimate Chocolate Brownies (Ottawa)
Let's just say there is indeed nothing penultimate about these brownies! It was quite literally the best brownie I had ever tasted!

I savored it by slicing it with a knife, in order to preserve the vertical mix of flavours: the bottom has a cookie-like crunchy texture, and the centre is moist, spongey and tantalizingly chocolatey (though not too bitter). It's topped with a delectable white chocolate icing.

I don't usually endorse specific products, but here I have a vested interest: I want others (i.e. you) to buy these brownies so that Boko Bakery keeps making them!

Go on...try one!

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