Monday, August 25, 2008

The Iniksuit say: fix us!

On Bay Street just North of Catherine Street, there is a series of bollards keeping traffic from cutting through the neighbourhood. In the centre of the strip, there are pavers, and the outermost gaps are paved with concrete. (Unfortunately, the concrete hasn't settled as fast as the neighbouring asphalt, creating a big bump that, when I once rode it too fast, caused some usually-secure stuff to fall off my bike)

In late July, riding back from the Lansdowne Farmer's Market, I noticed the pavers were all displaced, some of them strewn about on the section where bikes are supposed to travel.

loose brick pavers in Fused Grid traffic protection on Bay Street, Ottawa
I tossed the ones blocking the cycle path into the centre area and took a photo with the intent of blogging it (uh... it took me a while).

Two new denizens of the site gave me a cute little reminder that I had not yet blogged it:

The two Inuksuit (plural of Inuksut) seem to say "hey! Look at us! Fix us!"

Let's hope they are laid to a proper and useful rest.

(As a completely geeky aside, these photos were number 4295 and 4529 on my camera, which is a neat coincidence.)

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