Monday, July 30, 2012

384 MacLaren, before and after the June 2012 fire

One night back in early June (I'm catching up on my backlog!) there was a fire in a walkup apartment at the southwest corner of Bank and Maclaren. OpenFile ran some photos of the fire from Twitter user CasualMr who had a vantage point of the action from Bank Street. A couple of days later, signs of the fire were still there, and the building was cordoned off with a security guard keeping watch in the lobby:

There was a heroic story on CBC about a man who rescued his girlfriend and her pets from her fourth-floor apartment.

The ground floor of this building includes a few retail units, including the "Dirty Oak" and a Thai restaurant. Here's a photo of the building from a similar angle back in October 2009. Between the two photos, you can see that the fire did some damage to the cornice.

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