Monday, June 11, 2012

Bronson Avenue in 3D

During the ongoing Bronson Avenue reconstruction, sometimes the equipment is left out in the middle of the street over the weekend. It's neat to walk up to the excavator buckets and see just how big they really are. Unfortunately, whenever I've taken photos of them, their size just doesn't quite come through.

I realized a 3D image would be an effective way of doing it, and the wiggle stereoscopy technique would work. By making an animated GIF of two images taken side-by-side, I'd be able to convey it.

Once I had the images, I realized I could do even better: make a true red-blue anaglyph in GIMP, with the guidance of this YouTube video. Get out your red and blue 3D glasses, it works!

Ironically, that's easier for me to post on the blog than an animated "wiggle" image, because Blogger doesn't let you host animated GIFs.

Here are the component images anyway. You can download them (or open them in separate tabs) and switch back and forth between them to get a similar effect:

Now that I know how to do this, I'll be taking a lot more pairs of photos to make 3D images, along with the HDR images!

(PS: Please leave a comment if you know where to get 3D glasses in Centretown...)

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  1. Blogger does, in fact, allow you to upload animated gifs. I used one on this post.

    Simply add it to your post the same way you add pictures.