Monday, April 23, 2012

Two towers

About ten days ago, something happened in downtown Ottawa that hasn't been seen in quite a while: a second tower crane was installed on a single construction site. Located at 90 Elgin (the Lorne building), this new "building" will actually be two connected office towers (that seem to read as one in the various renderings).

I mused about this two-crane phenomenon, and wondered when the last time there have been two cranes in one hole in downtown Ottawa. So far, 240 Sparks is the leader, built during a previous growth spurt in downtown office space. The Midcentury Modernist slipped me a mid-'70s rooftop photo of the C.D. Howe building (i.e. 240 Sparks) construction site with two tower cranes in the mostly-empty block-sized construction hole, with the Bank of Canada building and the 255 Albert office tower both nearing completion in view, three of a number of buildings erected during a previous growth spurt in the downtown office space market.

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