Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peds on Weds: Footpath of dreams

When the Rink of Dreams was built—hastily—last fall, the work naturally disrupted the flow of pedestrians around Marion Dewar Plaza between heading north and east from the Laurier street entrance of Ottawa City Hall. The early thaw highlighted this disruption even further, but workers are now restoring the pathways, as seen in this panoramic view from earlier this month (click to view full size):

Since the boards around the rink are removed in the off-season, it will be possible to walk on it unobstructed. Indeed, one of the former paths is restored, directing pedestrians right over the surface. It will also be used for events in the summertime, such as the upcoming second annual Capital Vélo Fest in early June.

For more Pedestrians On Wednesday reading, I recommend The Invention of Jaywalking, published yesterday in The Atlantic. The article is acommpanied by a 1909 editorial cartoon which depicts a motorist speeding through newspaper headlines of pedestrians struck by cars. Eric Darwin has also posted this morning a review of recent research conducted on walkability and socio-economic status in different neighbourhoods in Ottawa over at West Side Action.

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