Monday, February 27, 2012

Tools of the dig

Over at 90 Elgin's construction site, they've dug as far as the footings of the former Lorne Building, and are using that as a ledge while they continue digging within the boundaries of the new building's basement. A twisted I-beam and some tools are resting on the ledge. You can watch the construction on this site. Click on the still image to see a live video feed from the site.

(The following text is repeated from the September 2011 post, Centretown Flyover)

I wrote a post on the context and history of the Lorne Building in October 2009.

There are also three articles on the Lorne Building at URBSite:
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  1. I've taken a couple quick panoramic shots of the construction over the last weeks. Here's one without snow and one with snow.