Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cozy Oscar

It's cold outside, but the statue of Oscar Peterson, unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on June 30, 2010, has a warm knit cozy around the prop.

Jazz music plays from speakers above the statue at the corner of Elgin and Albert, and it's popular for people to have pictures taken of themselves sitting next to Oscar on the bench. A great piece of interactive public art, right outside the National Arts Centre!

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  1. There is a knitted piece like that too on a parking sign in front of the Appletree Medical Centre on Slater Street. Maybe it is the "attack" of an art group...? We've seen this happen in the past, like the unicorn attack in Quebec city last fall. Will someone investigate this? ;)

  2. Salut Pierre-Luc,

    Knitted graffiti is actually pretty common, it's called "Yarn Bombing". If you search google for "Yarn Bombing Ottawa", you can find plenty of examples.

  3. Amazing, I had no idea! I am so not street-savvy! Thank you for the input. I hope Ottawa will get Yarn Bombed really hard this winter, it is so beautiful!