Monday, March 7, 2011


This past weekend had some crazy weather. Snow on Friday, heavy rain on Saturday, and more snow on Sunday.

During Saturday's incessant downpour, there were some pretty large puddles in Centretown. Sidewalks were covered with ice and water, which were dammed up by the snowbanks that couldn't be removed in time.

Others, including Mark Rehder, have posted photos of the puddles, which put to shame the ones I had dubbed "Lake Florence" in February.

This one at Bank and Gloucester wasn't the worst of them, but it was a few inches deep in the crosswalk. This pedestrian was walking intently, staring forward and apparently oblivious to the puddle.

He walked right through it and it went up to his ankle. A fraction of a second after I took this photo, he cursed and spun around to see what he'd just stepped in.

It's a pity that we spent so much money to rebuild Bank Street and there are still depressions like this that attract puddles. Lyon Street, which was resurfaced last year, seemed to be pretty clear when I looked up and down it from the intersection at Florence.

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  1. Urrghh i know, the weather has been so pitiful in O-town! can't wait for spring!