Friday, March 11, 2011

Buried natural gas pipeline

[I ran out of time to prepare a more topical post, either Museum of Nature Opening Day part 2 or CCCA updates for Tuesday's meeting (some are listed at, so here's one of my backup posts. Enjoy!]

I'm still going through my old unsorted photos, many of which are outside Centretown. These are harder to file because outside Centretown I generally restrict my photos to more obscure things, which are inherently harder to categorize.

Take, for example, this natural gas marker at Patterson Creek (O'Connor and Linden Terrace), where I've photographed before. The Ottawa Gas marker looks to be at least a couple decades old.

I took the photo last winter, but never got around to filing it. I feared that if I did, it would get forgotten and I'd never post it (so many of my photos suffer this fate!). So before I forget, here it is!

[Look for more one-photo posts under the label Singles]

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