Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RIP Charles Boushey

CBC reports on the passing of Charles Boushey, patriarch of the Boushey Dynasty of Elgin Street. In 1960, he bought out his uncle's store at Elgin and Waverley, until he retired in 1989. Boushey's Fruit Market remains a staple of the neighbourhood. I do most of my grocery shopping there.

Of his sons, I know Peter the best. Peter is always friendly, and he has put in a few calls to the City about the removal of all bicycle parking outside the store this winter, including the parking meters.

The ceremony was Monday in Riverside. You can sign the online guest book for Charles Boushey at

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  1. I don't understand... is it a good thing to remove the bicycle parking?!

  2. Hi Fangirl,

    Sorry I was unclear. The City removed the blue bike racks (usually they're supposed to leave one), and the parking meters were also removed without a ring-and-post installed in its place, leaving cyclists no place to park. That's a bad thing.

    Peter made a call to the city to try to get some of these back so that cyclists would have a place to park. That's a good thing.


    - Charles