Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slater forest gateway

Albert and Slater streets, which carry Ottawa's Transitway buses through the downtown core, are narrowed by a lane so that the City can overhaul the bus stops. The weaving of the lanes around the closed stops has required the installation of many temporary bollards like these to artificially reduce the number of lanes, so that it is consistent along the street. The work is scheduled to end September 20, according to OC Transpo's website.

This particular stretch, coming up Nanny Goat Hill on Slater from Albert to Bronson, is equally friendly to pretty much all modes of transportation: there are no sidewalks for pedestrians, cyclists must switch from riding on the right to riding on the left, some buses have to turn off their air conditioning to have enough power to get up the hill, and motorists... well, they have the joy of driving in downtown Ottawa to look forward to.

Still, there are times--like on this Monday evening in early July--when the light shining through the trees can make this entrance to Centretown look almost bearable.

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  1. I love riding up this hill now because I get a whole lane to myself (where the cars have to get off I get to ride through the blocked off part.

    Then as soon as I cross Bronson I'm stuck. Either bike as fast as I can to keep in line with impatient motorists, or ride on the sidewalk (which is VERY narrow), but then there are more bollards and I can jump on the road again. Overall it makes my life easier except for the first fifteen metres of Slater east of bronson. Can't wait to see what obstacles will stand in my way once the construction is done!