Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pretoria Red Light

On Wednesday, the CBC had an article that the City of Ottawa is increasing the number of intersections with red-light cameras.

Back in early February, I had spotted one being installed at Elgin/Pretoria Bridge and Queen Elizabeth Drive, an intersection I find myself in every now and then, though admittedly rarely during rush hour.

Technically in the Glebe, but Pretoria Bridge is certainly important to Centretown.

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  1. as an aside, that intersection is changing: they are closing off the right hand turn that cuts behind the TD Canada Trust at that corner. All right-hand turns on to Pretoria will come by Queen Elizabeth in future.

  2. Thanks, Thomas.

    I was aware that this was in the plans (I've already taken my "before" photos), but was holding off on posting anything about it until I heard more details about exactly when it would happen. Do you know when it's going to happen?

    On a related aside, Councillor Doucet is presenting a motion at this coming Monday's Transportation Committee to formally close Clemow at Central Park (a section between Bank and O'Connor). It's been blocked off by planters for decades, and Doucet wants to make it more formal to connect the park. I've already submitted comments suggesting a formal cycling connection (i.e. pathway) be established, as it's hard to navigate a bike through the planters.