Saturday, April 3, 2010

Busted rail on the Corktown Footbridge

When crossing the Corktown Footbridge the other day, something didn't feel right about the height of the railing. On closer inspection, I realized that it had been busted out of shape.

While it does stick out, it's supposed to be at a right angle (coming out to a point, as many people complained), not piercing out like this.

It had probably been knocked by a sidewalk plow or an errant truck. You can see that the supports up along the bridge are all pushed against the fence.

Hopefully it will be repaired soon.


  1. Last year this was some graffiti on the walkway. The next day I saw a crew busy cleaning it up.

    Sort of sad when it is so new and such an addition to this part of the city.

    Form a
    Former Centretown Resident

  2. Yes, I saw that too and took photos of it. If I recall correctly, it was white handprints in latex paint.

    I considered posting those photos in this post (and might still post them eventually), but decided in the end against it.