Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yet another fire in Centretown (Bronson and Gilmour)

This afternoon, there was a fire on Bronson which caused traffic to be redirected onto surrounding streets. (Traffic was pretty constant on Gladstone) I got a tip about the fire when I was on the other end of Centretown, and made my way over on my way home. By that time, Bronson was re-opened and there was only one fire truck and a fire investigator's minivan. Firefighters were tidying up the hoses that were going into the house.

The building housed the offices of family physician Dr. Tung Le, and the front door showed signs that the firefighters had to break into the house, suggesting that nobody was inside at the time. (The Ottawa Sun reports that nobody was injured.) Many of the windows were also knocked out from the inside. It looks like the fire was relatively contained and that the building will survive.

I'm heading out shortly, so I'll have to hurriedly post some photos of the scene without comment:

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