Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coming soon... can you guess it?

I've got a very big post coming up on another building with a rich history. I did most of the preliminary research a couple months ago, and I'm finally getting around to preparing the post.

As a teaser, here's a photo from the early 1950's. The building we want is the one in the background. It's still around (the building in the foreground isn't). Can you guess which building it is? (The answer is revealed in the comments)

[Look for more one-photo posts under the label Singles]


  1. The Jackson building before it blew up?

    In the foreground is a cyclist holding onto a truck bed. Did the parked truck block the bike lane? Was he surfing a ride on the truck?

    -Eric Darwin

  2. The angle from the side seems wrong, but it does look similar to the building Herb and Spice is now in.

  3. There is one correct guess, and at least one incorrect guess. I'll hold off on approving them until I get the post written, so as not to spoil the guessing.

  4. Could it be ... the Jackson building?