Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elgin & Somerset hot patch

I'm trying to avoid the omnibus blog posts, and keep to one topic per post. Here goes...

In October 2007, some road workers were applying a hot patch to the South-West corner of Elgin and Somerset, presumably to cover the cracks and to reduce the depth of puddles that form there in rainstorms. According to the weather network, October 26 had a high of 15.8C and a low of 2C, and 4.4mm of precipitation. This photo was taken around 10:30 in the morning.

Here we can see them laying down the tar adhesive, painting it with a brush within a border made with a thinner brush:

Here's the finished patch job at 3:15 that afternoon. Looks spiffy. Nice and smooth. (Still no sign of rain... Did it even rain that day?)

I guess it must have rained that day, because that patch is long gone. By September '08, most of it was gone. In this photo, you can still see a little right at the corner of the sidewalk, and on the near side of the sewer grate. (Also note the old facade on the Scrim's Florist building)

As of this past Friday, the patch was all gone. And then some. More of the asphalt beneath is crumbling away.

While we're in the neighbourhood, a gratuitous shot of St. John's church in that oddball snowstorm we had on April 6.

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