Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photos of May 2008 Elgin Street water main repair

Remember back in May when a water main burst on Elgin?

I happened to have gone by when they were repairing it, and naturally I took some photos.

Here's a shot from 6pm on the day the water main broke. They did a quick patch of two lanes, to allow traffic to go through:

Here's a shot from just before 8pm. They had closed off the street to allow a more thorough digging job. You can see the water main pipe in the hole:

Four days later, they had closed things off again in order to finish off the paving job. Traffic was redirected to side streets in this photo from around noon:

This shot shows the size and depth of the surface they were repaving:

They were doing a five-inch-thick layer in one pass. If you look at the surface of the section they are paving over, it's actually pretty hard to tell where the big hole was. Hopefully that will mean that this section won't settle and get all bumpy.

A dump truck begins to release a load of asphalt:

And here's the finished product a week later, painted and smooth. Nice work!

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