Monday, September 15, 2008

CCCA Meeting Tonight

The Centretown Citizens' Community Association's regular board meeting will be held tonight (Tuesday, September 15, 2008) in the Billings room at City Hall at 7 p.m.

Some things of note on the Agenda (PDF):

- The CCCA Annual General Meeting will be the third Tuesday of October (October 21, 2008). The AGM is usually held at City Hall, although the Special General Meeting this past May was held at Jack Purcell Community Centre.

- The CCCA By-Law review have prepared a report (PDF) for Board approval.

- There will be a presentation by Jakub Ulak about a proposed development at Gladstone and Kent. I'm not sure which corner of the intersection, so here are photos of all four:

[Edit: it was to have been the South-West corner, but the developer checked out the site again and decided against the project. Quite a pity, as it was good to see a developer willing to meet with the community and meet the zoning restrictions of the area.]

Here's the North-West corner. If you ask me, this is the most likely to be developed. While it looks like it's recently been refaced, the "Patachi" store is all boarded up and the building empty. Behind it you can see the Chinese apartment building and blue skies. The AVIS place next to it might also be part of the development--"We sell boxes" is an odd marquee for a car rental business, isn't it?

Going counter-clockwise, the South-West corner has a fairly sizeable two-storey apartment block. The apartments all seem occupied and the building in decent repair.

The South-East corner has a smaller building which may be apartments or condos. The two on the right seem better kept than the two on the left.

On the North-East corner is a quite sizeable lot with three automotive businesses: Main Garage, Stinson & Son Ltd, and an Alliance car rental place. In fact, it's such a large lot that I could imagine a developer salivating over it. The Alliance store--really nothing more than a portable trailer and small parking lot--suffered a fire just over a year ago. Below is a photo from the night of that fire.

(Speaking of Centretown fires, I went by Bank & Somerset today during my lunch hour to get some photos of the building that caught fire last night. I'll post those in due time. Apparently the fire, which caused $4 million in damage, is "suspicious"...)

Here's the zoning form the area: The City's eMap application indicates that the area is zoned TM H(15), meaning it is a Traditional Mainstreet, which is designed to incorporate a mix of residential and commercial uses (except auto-related uses), and it has a height restriction of 15 metres. The red shading means that all four corners of this intersection (though interestingly, only a portion of the large apartment block on the South-West corner) have Heritage designation. According to this, the building on the South-East corner is actually comprised of four lots, probably with multiple owners, which explains the differences between the units.

Also noteworthy in the CCCA meeting agenda is a search for a webmaster (I inquired, and it seems there is an interested and qualified applicant), and that CCCA members might finally get an e-mail list to discuss issues that affect our community outside of CCCA board and committee meetings.

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