Thursday, January 23, 2014

3D Thursdays: Lotta Hitschmanova

After picking up my mail from the Sparks Street post office last week, I noticed a plaque on the entrance to 56 Sparks which I hadn't before, with a relief profile of the subject, Lotta Hitschmanova.

Source photos for the 3D image: Left (adjusted), Right (adjusted)

(I had to make some significant adjustments to the images with Photoshop's "lens distort" feature to get both of the images roughly square, and as a result the effect is much more crisp when you viewi the image full screen. I've included the adjusted versions of the source images above to save you some trouble if you wanted to have a go at it yourself.)

Not having noticed the plaque before, I also hadn't heard of her before either. Hitschmanova's Wikipedia Entry isn't too short, and longer than the entry for the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada, which she founded in 1945 and remains operating at 56 Sparks Street, suite 705 as USC Canada.

The USC Canada website has a trove of information about Dr. Lotta, including historic audio and video clips of USC public service announcements narrated by her.

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  1. What a lovely discovery for you Charles. I work at USC Canada and have the pleasure of receiving all kinds of calls and emails from people across the country who still remember Lotta and are inspired by her story.

    By the way, Lotta is featured in the Canadian Personalities Hall of the former Museum of Civilization, but only until Feb 2, as the exhibit will be dismantled in preparation for the new History Museum.

    In case you have interest to go more deeply.............

    All the best,

    David Rain
    Legacy Gifts and Donor Recognition
    Coordinator, Run for Biodiversity