Monday, December 2, 2013

Lifting Centretown's Spirits

Yes, there are decorations on streetlamps, lights in store windows, and powdery white snow on the ground, but last week's opening of the new LCBO at Bank and McLeod has not just spirits, but also wine and beer.

Ottawa Citizen columnist Joanne Chianello sparked a twitter conversation earlier this month about the location, and the relatively uncommon location of this LCBO at the base of a condo tower (certainly unprecedented in Ottawa).

A spin-off twitter conversation by Metroland's Laura Mueller sparked a discussion about the impact of this location on the other nearby LCBO locations. CBC's Giacomo Panico pointed out that this location was moving from 240 Sparks ... LCBO store locator [Edit: I got some stuff wrong here earlier. Fixed now, I think.]

Meanwhile, the LCBO 7 blocks down Bank Street in the Glebe, which would be visible from the Bank and McLeod location if not for the Queensway, isn't going anywhere anytime soon, apparently. (Sadly, all three of the large ash trees in front of that location succumbed last year to the Emerald Ash Borer beetle infestation).

Equidistant from those two locations, the LCBO next to the Loblaws on Pretoria is being rebuilt in the location of the former Beer Store (which, by contrast, is closed permanently) with nothing but air above it.

There is also supposed to be an LCBO at the new Lansdowne Park big box plaza/mall.

There's a lot I can't comment on by the mere fact that I don't drink alcoholic beverages, but it's still an interesting case study in terms of, "what do you put in a mid-size mainstreet commercial space when there's already a Shopper's Drug Mart only a block away?"

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  1. I'm pretty sure the 240 sparks location (just east of holt renfrew, only accessible from inside the "mall") is still there.

  2. Hi Charles,

    My tweet on Nov 08 said the LCBO at 240 Sparks (aka C.D. Howe Building) was the one closing and relocating to Bank and McLeod.

    According to the person answering the phone at the World Exchange Plaza LCBO, they're not going anywhere (and as a drink of alcoholic beverages, thank goodness for that!)


  3. oh the EAB - really sad to be losing so many street trees. there's a line of trees in front of a vacant lot on beechwood and I hope that when they do start construction there they keep them - since we're losing so many trees elsewhere.

    I think a new LCBO there is not a bad thing - considering all the condos going up in Centretown.

  4. It's so sad the LCBO between Sparks & Queen street closed a few months ago. I live just down the street, so it was a convenient location to pick up a few drinks on my way home after work. Even though the LCBO in the World Exchange is just a few blocks further away, I find the cashiers working there aren't as friendly and they constantly card people of all ages (I'm 32 but I rarely carry my ID, so they always give me such a hard time when I just want to pick up some beers)...then last week I noticed the World Exchange LCBO had all their products off the shelves and placed on wheeled carts, so I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually closed down since the newer, bigger store on Bank & McLeod opened :(