Monday, March 18, 2013

One last (hopefully) blast of winter

The weather forecast suggests that we'll be getting another 20-centimetre blast of snow in the next couple of days. This might be my last chance this year to get some of my winter-related photos out before trying to forget that season and focus on spring and summer. So here goes.

Here's an inuksuk I built outside Bridgehead on Elgin after a snowstorm in December. It was one of those ones with really sticky snow. A couple of days after falling, that sticky snow had hardened into snow you could cut chunks from.

That was actually from the storm pictured below on Gladstone, where the snow 'flakes' were the size of frosted mini wheats. I hope this week's storm doesn't bring us this heavy stuff:

Walking home in early January, I came across this interesting collection of icicles on the porch of a house on Florence Street.

The icicles were all clumped together. There's a vent the side of the house, which must have blown hot air in the direction of the icicles. I suspect that melted them and caused them to conglomerate into these spikey clumps.

Outside Kettleman's Bagels (in the Glebe, not Centretown, sadly) they have three little Christmas trees with blue lights on them. I park my bike in front of these with its string of purple lights blending it right in to the background.

There are also Christmas lights on the crabapple trees in the courtyard between City Hall and the courthouse. The dangling fruits and multi-coloured lights add a subtle splash of colour to an otherwise monochrome scene. The branches had a fresh layer of snow built up from the wet snowstorm at the end of February, which was still in full swing when I took this photo.

That snowfall made for some real classic winter scenes. Looking north along the pathway and Queen Elizabeth Drive from the Corktown Footbridge, a blanket of white covers everything, including the stop sign and post!

A little snow would never stop the Famous Five from having their tea, of course. Henrietta Edwards, wearing a stylish red scarf, will drink to that!

If this week's snowstorm isn't as picturesque as some of these previous ones were, maybe try staying inside and look at these pretty pictures while sipping on a cup of tea. You can't browse Carribean resort packages all day!

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