Thursday, February 28, 2013

3D Thursday: Snowy trees at Cambridge Elementary

Ottawa got hit by a pretty nasty snowstorm yesterday, but the blizzard did leave a winter wonderland behind. I took some 3D photos after a similar snowfall earlier this winter while snow was still covering the trees lining the schoolyard at Cambridge Street Public School on Gladstone. Here's looking up Cambridge from Gladstone Avenue, with a fire hydrant:

Source photos for the 3D image: Left , Right

And here's a shot looking west along Gladstone. Because the 3D effect works by your brain trying to match up the left and right images, it can be hard to discern the cluttered high-contrast branches. I find this one works best if you focus on the school crossing sign, and as always with the 3D images, it works best in fullscreen, high screen brightness, in a dark room.

Source photos for the 3D image: Left, Right

That crossing, by the way, is the subject of some good news: Lana Stewart reported on Twitter that the pedestrian push-button at Gladstone and Arthur now responds much more clearly.

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