Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday of the new year

It's Monday. The holidays are over, the city rediscovers its regular routine, and Ottawa's winter continues to hit us with its full arsenal. I find that the cold and dark of autumn wears away at me until the snow falls, when the thrill of biking in the snow keeps my spirits up until the holiday season. In January, after the holidays, the fun of the snow wears away, and I find don't start to cheer up until the canal opens, giving me a reason to enjoy winter again. (Someone from a rainier part of the country once observed that Ottawans tend to get cranky if we go more than three days without sunshine)

But as miserable as this time of year can be for me, at least I can take refuge in the office. The garbage collector operating this truck had a breakdown along Gladstone in last week's snowy weather and needed to get towed. Then, presumably, he had to get another truck and continue fishing out people's trash bins from the snowbanks. In the dark.

I feel sorry for the guy; I think we've all had one of those days where one thing goes wrong after another. Hopefully your Monday is going well by comparison!

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