Monday, December 31, 2012

Spark of a New Year

This year, Sparks Street is planning a big New Year's Eve bash, which it has been hyping on its Twitter Account for the last few weeks. They've also been busy decorating:

Here's hoping their 2013 celebrations go off without a hitch!

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  1. Anything being planned for the Hill as well? Or is it starting to look like Sparks Street is expected to substitute for the Hill this year?

  2. What was the attendance like? Was it fun?

    I'm not sure if Twitter is a good way to advertise events like this given that it's a white-noise generator where everyone talks and nobody really listens. I heard about it for the first time on CFRA last night around 11pm. I don't recall seeing anything about it in The Citizen or The Sun, both of which I subscribe to.

  3. By all accounts it was very popular, and well attended. Whatever advertising they did do, apparently 20,000 people showed up.