Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two minutes in the snow

The day after a big snowstorm, the city's winter overnight parking restriction is lifted, but there's still lots of snow on the side streets that needs to be pushed aside. Already narrowed by the previous storm's snowbanks, parked cars make the streets awfully narrow. Gilmour, seen here just east of Bay Street, is a one-way street, but even on the two-way streets east of Elgin opposing cars have to pull over to allow each other to pass.

The snowplow above was already stopped when I got there at 2:46 p.m., and two minutes later, it was almost done manoeuvring around that first car. Despite the size of the machine, the grader operator delicately cleared the snow around the car.

Now he just needs to get past the rest of the cars on the block!


  1. I like to watch the city snow removal crews at night from my balcony. They are a well oiled machine.

  2. Anonymous - I got some great photos of the night crews removing snow from Kent Street the other night, which I'll compile into a post sometime in the hopefully-near future.

  3. I love watching the snow bank removal as well. In fact, if you look around you will see heads in quite a few windows doing the same thing. Of course, the streets would not be so bad if people didn't take the snow off their drives and dump them on the road.