Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dundonald Glow

Here's a shot of Dundonald Park I took while riding by on MacLaren on a rare break from the cloudy and rainy days of late. Dundonald Park is maintained by a group of volunteers, mostly who live around the park, called the Friends of Dundonald Park. The Centretown Buzz has an article in its latest issue on how this group began with the initiative of Susan Kerr.

A great way to meet your neighbours and start getting involved in community activities is by delivering the Centretown Buzz newspaper, which is co-owned by the Centretown Citizens and Dalhousie community associations. We particularly need people in Lebreton Flats and south of Gladstone. The Buzz the only newspaper in Centretown that is written by and for other Centretowners (all volunteer except for the managing editor), and it is financially supported entirely by its advertisers.

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  1. Bestest park in town!

  2. It really is a little oasis. It wasn't so many years ago you would not want to hang out there. Great job by the volunteers.

  3. What a great little oasis it is now. The volunteers have done such a great job.