Monday, November 29, 2010

Another repair: McNabb Park

In mid-October, I noticed a problem with this sign for McNabb Park at 320 James Street:

In case you can't see quite what the problem is, here is a different view showing how warped this sign has become. Give it a bit more time and it'll break, leaving us with either a neighbourhood in tatters or a bill for an expensive new sign.

I sent the above photos to Councillor Holmes' office, who then forwarded them to the appropriate person in the Parks, Recretation, and Cultural Services department in early November. In less than two weeks, the signpost had been realigned and re-welded:

These little easy-to-do repairs are just another thing that the City can do to keep Centretown functional and looking good. All it takes is a call to 3-1-1 or e-mail to, and occasionally a follow-up. Once they know about these problems, they're fixed pretty quickly!

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