Monday, August 9, 2010

Cartier Square buskers

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Cartier Square is the space currently occupied by Ottawa City Hall, Marion Dewar Plaza, and the provincial Courthouse. Prior to this usage, it was inhabited by temporary buildings, and prior again to that it was an open square. The 1879 Cartier Square Drill Hall maintains the name of the site.

A tank named the "Forceful" sat out front on display for many years, until it was replaced with this statue, to William B. Osgoode and John Rogers.

Behind the statue is Marion Dewar Plaza (I see I never blogged the naming ceremony), some percussionists setting up their equipment during the recent Busker festival, and a crane lifting some materials onto the provincial courthouse, which is getting a new green roof as part of a stimulus project. The green tower to the left is City Hall's carillon. Even further in the background is the crane for the new EDC building under construction at 150 Slater.

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