Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Made In Japan: A Leftover Experience

Back when I went to high school at Lisgar, I used to go out on Elgin every day for lunch. Many weeks, I would endure McDonald's low-budget hamburgers for four days in a row in order to reward myself with the slightly-less affordable (at least for a high school student) allegedly-Japanese food at Made In Japan: A Teriyaki Experience.
Now that I work on Elgin Street, I like to go there for lunch still. The business has changed hands a couple of times, but the food is still tasty:

It's still a bit pricier than some other fast food joints, but the take-away containers seal the deal. You see, they're the perfect leftover containers!

When I actually put effort into cooking dinner, I make enough portions that I can have leftovers the next couple of days for lunch at work. For example:

Honey-garlic chicken wings on tricolour rotini and corn niblets (all from Hartman's):

Steak (from Fitzroy Beef Farmers) with asparagus (from the Ottawa Farmer's Market when in season) on german egg noodles (from Boushey's Fruit Market) with taaaasty gravy:

Honey-garlic boneless chicken breast (sauce and raw breasts from Boushey's) with corn niblets (Hartman's), mashed potatoes and carrots (both from Herb & Spice):

Aside from being just the right size, the containers' lids are water-tight, so you can put them in your bags without worrying about the contents spilling. Here's a hearty serving of baked salmon filet (Hartman's) on a bed of calrose rice (Hartman's) and broccoli (Herb & Spice), behind the lid:

Another lunch place I like to haunt is Boushey's Fruit Market. They have a great hot lunch buffet and salad buffet. But the styrofoam containers they have are too small for a good lunch. Plus they're styrofoam and single-use. I find that these Teriyaki containers are the perfect size for lunch. Here's my lunch from one day: in addition to the permanent fixtures of fried rice and chicken stir-fry, this day there was also shrimp stir-fry with sugar snap peas, and breaded chicken stuffed with broccoli and cheese:

There's some of what Elgin Street has to offer for lunch, and how Elgin Street can help you make your own!

In other food-related news:

For those of you who live in Dalhousie and lament the loss of the Loeb grocery store, this poster beckons your attendance to a Community Grocery Store meeting at 7pm on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at the Somerset West Community Health Centre, 55 Eccles Street.

For more information on the meeting, contact or check out the poster above.

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