Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rideau Canal: The Limit

Since I've been averaging about two hours a day on the canal since it opened on January first, I haven't had much time to post. And frankly, I'd much rather be skating on the canal than blogging about it! But while I've been skating, I've taken lots of photos! (In fact, I have few photos of anything else!)

So, as long as the canal is open this year, Images of Centretown will effectively be Images of the Rideau Canal. Going through hundreds of canal photos so far this year, I've decided to go by theme.

And I can't resist starting with my sky shots. This canal is really photogenic, you know. Especially at dusk.

Here's a shot from the pathway coming down towards Fifth avenue, with the sun behind and lots of skaters having fun on the fourth:

A few days later, looking in roughly the opposite direction, a nice blue sky with fluffy clouds came out:

The moon came out to enjoy the canal as well. Here it is over Pig Island:

I was surprised that the moon followed me down to Immaculata High School the same night:

A few days later, it was really cold, but the rest of the canal had opened up. It was still pretty bumpy at Dow's Lake, especially along the south edge. Here it is, with the sun reflecting off the ice:

As dusk fell, the sky seemed to burn:

Night fell, and the moon hid behind some thin, stringy clouds around Clegg:

The following week, there was more cloud than open sky, but the moon managed to peek through again heading toward Hartwell's Lock:

And another week later (January 25), the sun burned white through the clouds over Centretown.

Extraneous shot for Woodsy: I've seen a few Pook Toques on the ice, including this one I photographed for you at Pretoria Bridge on January 8:

Other Canal themes I hope to post include night shots, snow, and bridges (Boy do the bridges over the canal take great photos!) We'll see if I can find time to post them!


  1. went for a nice walk / skate on the canal on the weekend. it was beautiful !!!

    i was disappointed however that although it makes sense, dogs are not allowed on the canal.

  2. I wish I could also skate right now on th canal. I did it 3 years ago when I visited Canada.

    But thanks to the Centretown-Blog I can participate a little bit in Ottawas life ... thank you.

    Greetings from Germany,

  3. sun reflecting off the ice is spectacular.